Discover the Magic of Freedom Soaps: Indulgent, Sustainable, and All-Natural Skincare

Hey there, let’s talk about the magic behind Freedom Soaps! We believe that skincare should be both indulgent and effective, which is why we make our products using the cold-process method of soapmaking. This technique involves mixing fixed oils like olive oil and coconut oil with an alkali such as sodium hydroxide or lye. The result? A chemical process called saponification that transforms the oils into a bar of soap!

But here’s the cool part: since the cold-process method doesn’t require heating essential oils and fixed oils, our soaps maintain their natural scents and colors, and last longer! That means you’ll enjoy a stronger-smelling, “sudsier,” and more colorful bar of soap.

At Freedom Soaps, we use only therapeutic grade essential oils, natural plant materials, and clays to create our hand-made products. We’re all about keeping things simple, sustainable, and high quality. That’s why our products are free of palm oil, synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives, parabens, and colorants/dyes. Plus, every single ingredient we use is 100% natural, so you can pronounce and recognize everything on the label.

We take great care to ensure that every product we make is of the highest quality. That’s why we make and package everything in small batches with great attention to detail. We never test on animals, only on humans (of course!).

Our passion is creating all-natural, luxurious products that are good for both you and the environment. So why not free yourself from the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances found in conventional skincare products and indulge in our all-natural, sustainable, and plant-based products? Trust us, your skin will thank you!

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Gentle on Skin and Better for the Environment

Our handmade soaps are carefully crafted in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We are passionate about creating soap that not only cleanses and moisturizes your skin, but also promotes relaxation and overall well-being.