Freedom Soaps is Committed to Using Only All-Natural, Sustainable Ingredients

Let's talk about why Freedom Soaps products are better for you and the planet!

First of all, our products are palm oil free. While palm oil is natural, it is also the most commonly used vegetable oil today, and its production is causing widespread deforestation in Asia. This deforestation is contributing to carbon emissions and endangering many species, including orangutans, tigers, and elephants. So, we choose not to use palm oil in any of our products.

We also avoid synthetic fragrances, which are derived from petrochemicals and can contain toxins that are harmful to your health. Instead, we use only therapeutic grade essential oils that are beneficial for your mind, body, and soul.

Our products are free from artificial colors and dyes as well. Artificial dyes can contain up to 50 different chemicals, and many of them are linked to cancer, allergies, and other health issues. We only use natural colorants like bentonite clay and rose clay.

We also avoid parabens and other synthetic preservatives that are commonly used to prolong shelf life. These preservatives have been linked to increased levels of estrogen in the human body and may increase the risk of cancer. Instead, we use natural preservatives like Vitamin E.

Our non-soap products are naturally preserved and should be used within one year of purchase. Our all-natural, palm oil free soap lasts longer, but it will eventually lose its scent and may discolor.

At Freedom Soap Company, we believe in creating luxurious, high-quality products that are good for you and the planet.

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Gentle on Skin and Better for the Environment

Our handmade soaps are carefully crafted in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We are passionate about creating soap that not only cleanses and moisturizes your skin, but also promotes relaxation and overall well-being.