Meet Christie Ford, the New Owner of Freedom Soap Company

👋 Hey there, I’m Christie Ford, the proud new owner of Freedom Soap Company! It’s my pleasure to take the helm and steer this fantastic business to even greater heights. Since its founding in 2012, Freedom Soaps has been synonymous with passion and excellence, and I can’t wait to continue that tradition!

At home, I have a wonderful husband, three sons and a lab mix who rules the roost. We reside in the charming community of Conway, located in central Arkansas. As a lifelong maker, I’ve always loved creating and sharing my craft with my friends, family, and customers who appreciate all things handmade. In fact, I even run my own small business called Leather & Pearl Girl where I create custom jewelry and leather work.

I believe there’s something magical about giving a handmade gift. The love and careful consideration that goes into every ingredient and step of the process makes it all the more special. That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to “free yourself” from your ordinary, synthetic soap and skincare routine, and indulge in our all-natural, palm-oil free products!

I take great pride in our natural, sustainable, plant-based products and our commitment to creating high-quality skincare that is both good for you and the environment. So come and join me on this journey, and discover a world of luxurious, handmade products that will elevate your self-care routine to new heights!

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