All-natural Solid Scents

Experience Aromatherapy on-the-go with Solid Scents: A Guide to Using These Unique Fragrances

Do you want to experience the powerful physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy on-the-go? Then solid scents are perfect for you! Solid scents let you bring your favorite essential oil fragrances wherever life takes you. Just as with traditional aromatherapy, these unique solid perfume products offer numerous benefits ranging from stress relief to boosting energy levels. From therapeutic grade blends providing relaxation and grounding effects, to citrusy uplifting notes energizing both body and mind – these natural perfumes have something for everyone. Let’s explore the advantages of using solid fragrances, clear up common misconceptions about them, and share some tips on how best to use them for maximum effect.

First, a few benefits of using our all-natural essential oil infused solid scents include:

Longer-lasting aroma - Solid scents are designed to provide a longer-lasting aroma as compared to traditional perfumes or sprays. The reason behind this is that they are formulated to absorb into your skin and are contained in small tins that are easy to carry around and re-apply throughout the day. This makes them perfect for individuals who are always on the go or need a quick pick-me-up after a stressful meeting or conversation.

More discrete and less intense scent - Unlike traditional perfumes or sprays, solid scents offer a light aromatic scent that is more discrete and less intense. These scents are formulated to invite calmness and mindfulness, making them perfect for individuals who are looking for a more subtle fragrance.

Reduce risk of allergies and skin irritation - Solid scents are created from all-natural cosmetic grade carrier and essential oils, which significantly reduces the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Unlike traditional perfumes or sprays, solid scents do not contain synthetic dyes or fragrances, which can cause skin irritation, redness, or rashes. Therefore, they are a safer and more natural alternative for individuals with sensitive skin.

We carry 3 different blends hand-made solid scents available, our blends include Lavender and Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus and Mint, and Sweet Orange and Patchouli. We use all-natural ingredients, cosmetic grade carrier and essentials oils, and no synthetic dyes or fragrances.

There are several pressure points on the body where our solid scents can be applied topically to maximize their healing properties and effectiveness. Some of the most common pressure points include:
  • The temples: Gently rub our Sweet Orange and Patchouli infused solid scents to your temples to help relieve headaches and promote relaxation.
  • The base of the skull: Apply these all-natural solid scents to the base of your skull to help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • The wrists: Apply them to your wrists to help promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The soles of the feet: Apply our lavender based solid scents to the soles of your feet at night to help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.
  • The back of the neck: Rub them into the back of your neck to help relieve tension and promote relaxation throughout the day.
  • The chest: Apply our Eucalyptus and Mint solid scents to your chest to help relieve congestion and promote respiratory health.

Our solid scents are a must-have for anyone who wants to make a lasting impression. Poured into sealed tins, they are designed to last longer and ensure that you smell amazing all day long. With just a small amount, you'll notice a significant impact, and people around you won't be able to resist the enticing aroma. To keep your scent fresh, reapply as often as you'd like, and let our solid scents work their magic.

Are you interested in discovering a scent not on our menu? Let us create your signature scent! Chat with us and discover the perfect blend to tantalize your senses.

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